Repair clamp
DN 250
various lenghts

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Repair clamps are used to repair damaged water pipes made of cast iron, steel, asbestos-cement, PVC and PE. The effectiveness of using sealing bands for water pipes is 10 bar. Repair clamps are also used to connect bare-ended pipes with the same outer diameter.



Three-section repair clamp DN 250/300 with sealing on full perimeter

Choose your  lenght from 150, 300, 400 and 500 [mm]


Outer diameter of pipes which clamp fits on:

Azbestos-Cement: 287 ± 10 mm

PVC/PE: 280 mm ± 10 mm

Cast Iron: 274 ± 10 mm

Steel: 274 ± 10 mm



  • stainless steel H17 (1.406), blunted edges
  • rubber sealing EPDM for non hydrocarbon fluids
  • stainless steel bolts M12

The product has been approved for contact with drinking water.

The product in new and has 2 years warranty

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