Repair clamps

Here we have 101 types of repair clamps which are used for sealing pipelines. Please select the diameter you are interested in and the lenght of the band. Then choose outer diameter of pipe which depends on the material it is made of.

Repair clamps allow to quickly eliminate leaks without need to replace pipes. Screws tighten the appliance so that the rubber gasket inside clamps on the pipe and stops the leakage.

Maxiumum operation pressure is up to 1 MPa.

We manufacture our clamps for all pipe diameters. We are able to include pipe ties and unusual outer diameters on customer’s request. The bands are designed to work in contact with water, but if you need bands for liquids other than water, please send your request to:
The given prices are net starting prices there is a plenty of  discuonts for every order.

We wish you successful shopping!